Monday, 17 September 2018


BOTH of the quilt groups I belong to started up again... NOTHING FOR 6 weeks then two meetings in one week ! .. oh my ! lol x

Congleton was first .. it was catch-up, sales tables, general chatter and a "make" pattern. The pattern is for Prem baby hearts. The idea is to make 2 non stuffed hears , one for mum to wear next to her  skin and then one for baby to wear so that it gets to absorb mums smell .. which is SO important. These are mine …

I know the curves are more angles .. but I don't think the babies will care x lol x They will go back next time x I took in the tissue holders .. they were snapped up by the sales table/tombola ladies .. and if I want to make more... ! SO..

..yes I made some more .. they will go next time too x

Sandbach also started back. We had a sort of speed dating evening .. BUT with finishing techniques!! lol x There was a long table and we had 10-15 mins. to talk about our topic .. there was squaring up .. types of wadding (from silk mix to one made from re-cycled plastic bottles !).. layering techniques from tacking to a gun with plastic tags!.... marking techniques.. hand quilting.. machine quilting.. buttons and tying and ….making and attaching binding …. PHEW! The ladies asked lots of questions and seemed to really enjoy it all x

It was also announced that we will be working for a charity next year …. SO I kept going and made more tissue holders..

I AM SO DONE!! lol x They are waiting for me to get some more little packs of tissues x

I started back on the granddaughters cardigan..

BECAUSE I finished the shawl I wanted to make with the beautiful club colour way for this time ..


WARNING... I am going to mention CHRISTMAS!!! lol x You may remember that each year I have made  a wall hanging for my son and daughter-in-law for this holiday .. this year is 5 gold rings ..  they take a while to do .. SO I thought I had better get started..

lol x mine are more like 5 gold ovals!! But from across the room (I hope) no one will notice x

I feel it has been a productive week .. hope yours has been the same x

Diane x 

8 comments: said...

I so admire the gifts you gave and I can imagine how done you are with tissue holders! The shawl is gorgeous; but, those colors really put it over the top! I like your gold rings!

Maria said...

Im sure your Hearts will be loved.
WOW! you sure sewed up a storm with those tissue sachets.. great sale items.
Lovely shawl and your GDs cardi is growing too.

loulee said...

Busy, busy, busy as always.
Your Christmas project sounds lovely, I'll be watching out for updates.

kiwikid said...

You have had a busy week, those tissue holders look great, how many more do you need to make?? The cardy looks lovely and the shawl beautiful, love the colours. The circles look fine, I am sure it will be amazing when you have finished. The heartsmlook beautiful too...busy times for you.

mammafairy said...

Well, a circle viewed from an angle is an oval, so I think your rings are perfect!

Keep it going!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Love the shawl, and the 5 gold rings are a great idea!

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