Sunday, 19 August 2018


.. has returned to our "normal" xx So we have cooler temperatures and some rain .. its LOVELY xx

So I have been out and about  the granddaughter MADE me go to the park to see the ducks! I forgot the camera .. sorry.. I will try and remember next time x 

We have a family wedding in 2 weeks AND some visitors from Perth in Western Australia .. come on we HAD to go out for dinner xx lol x

There is ANOTHER  cardigan for the granddaughter with wool from the stash on the go... may recognise the colour as it is one of the ones I used for my daughters stripy cardigan x Makes a change not to using a light colour.

A couple of weeks ago I "rescued" 2 very sad looking lily plants from the supermarket .. I thought if they die I am only down a £1 so that's fine! They are LOVING the weather YESTERDAY I had …

and TODAY I have..

SO exciting … it is lovely to go out each morning x

There are other little pockets of colour in the garden..

Hope you are all having your "normal" weather and having fun x

Diane x

6 comments: said...

Beautiful lilies! Wonderful sweater. I bet the park was extra fun!!!

Julie Fukuda said...

Our weather has been a wee bit cooler the last few says. Friends visiting from Australia seem to have brought it with them. Still, I can't think about sweaters as yet, though that one is lovely. The lily seems to be rewarding you for the rescue.

Maria said...

I like the colour of your GDs cardigan..
The Lily is very happy at your place. It is also a pretty colour.

Where in Perth do your family come from ??

kiwikid said...

Those lillies are a beautiful colour and obviously very happy at your house. That is a beautiful cardy, your grand daughter will be the best dressed young lady around! So good to hear the weather has cooled down for you. Hope you enjoyed the ducks and the park.

Debra said...

Now I've caught up on your blogs. The flowers are looking great, especially the lillys and fuchsia. Love to you all from this side of the ocean xxx

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