Saturday, 13 February 2016


... the weather has turned dry and COLD... the garden is slowly beginning to get into the spirit of SPRING ...

.. I love to find these little hidden gems x

Tuesday evening was Congleton Quilt Group .. more ideas for the sales table.. I have not made mine yet .. but I made them a bag full of little items last week.. so I'll get round to more soon x The first of the raffle prizes .. with all the blocks made by the members has been long-arm-quilted..

I think it looks great x Lets hope the exhibition goes well and we sell LOTS of tickets xx

Thursday was Sandbach Quilt Group .. we had a speaker who does the most exquisite hand AND machine quilting .. it was a wonderful talk .. more like a great big Show-And-Tell...I  LOVED IT xx

THIS week far.. I only have 2 .. yes thats TWO things to do .. SO.. there will be some sewing done!! lol x I have decided it will happen ! lol x

I did finish my asymmetrical shawl.. you start at the small end (on the left in the pictures) and work towards the "big" end..

I had such fun with it .. you increase on one side and decrease on the other to get the shape I love the colour changes in this gradient...

...the top edge is EIGHTY SEVEN inches across! So getting pictures has been a challenge xx I also found out that reading charts is NOT so much of a nightmare as I thought it would be xx I had extra wool so went beyond what the pattern said .. I feel I should have done a large section of lace at the end instead of  lace...short garter section ... then lace .. but there is always next time ... lol x

It certainly kept me entertained while waiting for one or other parent to come out of their appointments .. and the grandson to come home from school ... ah! No boring retirement for me xx lol x

I have been slowly catching upon reading Blog posts   ... and who knows I may even find time to Post a few myself in the near future xx

Keep warm and safe

Diane x


Dotty's Daughter said...

You make such beautiful things Diane , I know you never sing your own song but I will because you make such beautiful things(I know because I have some you made for me and I treasure them xxx) Just beautiful

kiwikid said...

Lovely to see signs of spring in your garden!! The group quilt is beautiful!! That shawl is amazing, you are very clever with them Diane. That would be like wearing a hug from you!!

Ali Honey said...

Spring flowers delight as always.
The raffle quilt is very appealing. Well done all.

Janice Smith said...

Hi Diane,
You mentioned the cold . . . Our temps in New England are going to drop to -20.55555556C by morning. Want to trade places? ;-()
Your group's quilt is lovely; it should do very well.

Julie Fukuda said...

nice knitted piece. I don't think I ever made something without changing the pattern somewhere. Everything is one-of-a-kind.

Maggi said...

Such a lovely shawl and I'm sure that you'll sell loads of tickets with that quilt as a prize.