Sunday, 24 March 2013


... we had the most wonderful time last night xx ...

Alfie was SOOOO on form x  beautiful voice .. lots of changes of pace and style xx AND I was exhausted just watching the amount of energy they use up!! LOVED every minute xx

Adam and Caroline had a great time too..

mind you I did not take a lot of notice of them!! BAD mother xx He-He .. I was pre-occupied x!

Seems the seats were hard! Who sat down long enough to find out? lol x

Back to catching up! I have made a sample block for each of the blocks to be made for the Simply-Solids-Swap.. I was going to save them up and make a quilt for Adam and Caroline ,they have been up on the wall (the blocks... not Adam and Caroline!), and, I have kept looking at them. I decided I did not want to make a quilt ...SO .. just to make life a bit more difficult for myself I have decided..... That ......I will make "SOMETHING" different each month with the practise blocks!! THEN give the item to Adam and Caroline!!!

HEY! Why make things easy for yourself!! lol x

With the February blocks...


I have made 2 cushions x

AND with the March blocks .. 

I have made a lap quilt..

this is a panel I bought recently and thought would be fun to use on the back..

I am waiting now for the April block to be posted so that I can ... Make-And-Think xx

Keep smiling

Diane x


Anonymous said...

Wow! diane, you have been a busy girl. Love the cushions also the quilt and panel :)

Podunkpretties said...

Well my goodness, is that what happens when you've no laptop?! Busy! Busy! I love how you and your family do so many interesting things together.

quiltmania said...

Great way to meet the challenge to yourself. Love the cushions!