Saturday, 23 March 2013


... that's today xx ....for my family anyway.... and I do so hope for yours as well  xxxx

My son heard he has the new job (promotion and pay rise) that he went for xx My daughter and her partner (in Australia) got the new apartment they went for


most important of all I get to use these tickets..

I DO hope this post is coherent!!

To try and distract me for a little while I will continue to up-date you on my "no-lap-top projects xx

I used these fabrics...

on the latest round of the Mini-Mystery-Round-Robin... cannot show you because ITS A MYSTERY xx

Josh.. my grandson had his 10th birthday...


and YES .. because it is us ... there was CAKE xx WHERE did those years fly away to?

I posted previously that Gwen, one of the ladies from Congleton quilt group ,gave me 8 Stack-and-whack blocks... that I made into a quilt top. Well, I have quilted it...


It is going to be a present for my mums birthday..

the fabric on the back reminds me SO much of a skirt she used to wear... I am sure it is VERY close to the original fabric xx

Keep smiling... I am BEAMING xx

Diane xx


Maxine said...
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Maxine said...

So good to hear good things happening for your family.Yes where to the years go, the good thing is that as they get older the kids can remember with you, when they are little they have no idea. The colours in the quilt are beautiful great job. Glad you have been reunited with your laptop:)

Maria said...

It sure is a wonderful day for you all.
Happy Birthday Josh..
Beautiful quilt .
Enjoy the theatre..

Podunkpretties said...

Great looking quilt, look how straight that hand quilting is...envious to say the least. Give Josh a big ole USA birthday hug! Cute picture with his cheeks all full of cake!

quiltmania said...

Your Mom is going to love the stack-n-whack. Glad everything is going so well in your world. HUGS!!!!

Shaz said...

wow you have been having a busy busy time!
So many good things, it's marvellous when everything comes together!