Monday, 25 March 2013


... for us in Cheshire ... thank goodness, my heart goes out to all those WITH snow drifts and WITHOUT power for cooking and heating xx I am VERY glad to live here protected by hills on 3 sides xx

I think we are just about caught up on all the sewing I did while in my lap-top-less time x I have one more project to show you... be warned this is proving to be an ON-GOING project.... so you will be seeing much of the same over the next few months xx

Got you interested?

WELL... its a bag x I had been to my friends house for tea, and we were having a brew .. I was moaning that I like patchwork bags BUT, they are always floppy... even with wadding! She has a couple of bags that I have made for her and she uses them on a regular basis ..... and she was saying that she likes them MUCH better than the-bags-for-life that advertise the shop/supermarket for free, and, although they last a long time soon look grubby and nasty xx

 As we began to put the world of bags to rights SHE  made a suggestion that I combine the 2 to produce a bag that is sturdy and looks good x

I just laughed... but the idea took hold and EVENTUALLY it was driving me crazy enough that I did just that!

The first bag was OK.... (inside bag cost 0.29 p!! not bad ... fabric from my stash!)


... however there were "things" that could be improved ! HOWEVER I enjoyed the process...AND I kept going ....changing and (hopefully) getting better ... NOW I AM MAD ABOUT BAGS ... well mine anyway xx

I don't want to send you all to sleep ... so I will just show you one more for today..

LOVE the inside fabric ... found it while looking for something else!!

I am  thinking that if I keep going for a couple of weeks I will have my Christmas presents made well in time xx mmmm MUST make sure to keep one for me xx

IN THEORY I should be making ... at the least.. a dent in my stash... cant see one yet! lol

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Maggi said...

Great bags and they will be so useful.

Glad you had a good time at the concert and I love those cushions you made.

Debra said...

Love the cat bag, great way to use and show off that fabulous fabric all the time.

Julie Fukuda said...

I love the idea! I'll bet that would be a great plan for even the bags my husband manages to catch on things and tear holes in. If I made them pink or flowered, he would leave them alone!

Shaz said...

That is a great idea, I may try it myself!

I love your bags, they will make great Christmas presents!

Jeneta said...

I think I could spend all day making bags!

mumasu said...

I love those bags Di, isn't funny how some lovely fabric always turns up when looking for something else. Costs me a fortune. haha.

I've just yesterday made my first lucky stars block and was thinking what am I going to do with these blocks and the idea came to me I could put them on shopping bags. I also thought some could be Christmas presents