Saturday, 3 November 2012


.... begin making my November swaps so that they are  ready to go in the post next week. First off I made my Christmas block swap for Anna....

she wanted a tree x

Next I made my Stash # 4 block for Jessica..

the first person who made and posted pictures of  these blocks  wrote that she found them.. fun to make, and. thought the finished quilt would be stunning. WELL.... Shhhh I did not find it fun! I think it is a mess! AND I think it will look like a dogs dinner!! There, I feel better now x

 I like scrappy quilts ... but there has to be some continuity ... and quiet areas to rest the eye x Still ... don't have to make them again lol x 

The Christmas table runner swap I am doing asks for a hand made ornament to be included in with the runner... so I made mine today...

they are called heavenly soles (get it ...FEET, or shoes), I made 2 as they were so easy and fun!! lol x I am pretty sure I will be making more xx

Bonfire night is on Monday... as that is a school night most places are having their organised bonfires and firework displays tonight xx I am going with Adam, Caroline and the boys. The forecast is COLD... COLD and more COLD!!!

So , what ever parts of me where not frozen off last night... will be tonight! Wish me luck xx

The dogs have had a long walk, they are having doggy-calms with their tea, and they will be tucked up with the lights down and the TV turned up xx 

Keep smiling

Diane xx


pattypan.2 said...

Hi Diane

They look stunning as usual and I really like the tree. It would make a lovely Christmas throw. Is it difficult to do and do you know if there are instructions on line. How do you manage to do all the swaps! I also love the Christmas Soles. Hope you enjoy your evening and that it is not too cold. Last night was a perisher.

Take care



Karen O said...

I love that tree! Great job Diane. I love your projects.

Quilting In The Cold said...

Lovely tree! Love your honesty about the bee blocks.

Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

Love the tree ;-) and your comment about the bee blocks - in those colours ..... I think I agree, but it may take on a whole different look when completed LOL Have fun with Bonfire night - we don't have it here in Oz anymore - I do miss it ;-)

Shaz said...

Your swap blocks look great, I wondered about those strip blocks too - a little too much of one thing!
I must try your heavenly feet for gifts.

Have a lovely bonfire night and I hope you didn't freeze totally. Good to see the boys were cared for also!

Michele said...

I like the tree and ornaments, the other blocks not as much, same thoughts as you.