Thursday, 1 November 2012


..... I seem to have been on the "go" all day!

It started with boring.... then dad and I set too and put together 2 wardrobes ,a bedside table AND a six drawer cabinet!! I am finding muscles I didn't know I had!!!

I then spent what seemed like HOURS cleaning up the little bits of polystyrene packing!! It just blows around xx

AT LAST the fun could begin...... but I cannot show you!

I layered my first Mini-Mystery-Round-Robin the BIG reveal day is later this month...patience my dears xx I will tell you that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this work of art xx I had an e-mail telling me the second one is on the way ... yipee x

I WILL show you the fabric I have for the back...

I am doing the Secret-Santa-Table-Runner swap. I got my partners details!! OH! she is a REALLY wonderful quilter!

I will have to up my game here x I have found the pattern I am going to do ... and have been sorting fabrics x...I WILL show you what I do later xx 

For my runner I will be asking for a Christmas runner to go onto my hall table. This is how it looks at the moment... (well! I could at least have straightened the cover!! lol x)

I have a runner that comes out every year... I thought it looked a bit tired last year and was going to make a new one... this is a much better idea xx

 I hope my partner is reading this !!

The table measures 36 x 12 inches xx can be bigger of course!! lol x

I am off to make a brew and put my feet up x

Keep smiling

Diane xx


quiltmania said...

Enjoy your tea, I'm about to do the same thing!

Annabelle said...

I'm tited just reading about your day!

Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Your backing fabric is just so pretty!