Saturday, 22 September 2012


...last night. My friend,Sue, who is a physio, had applied for .... and got ... a new job ...YAY!! Her husband and son were out at work... so we two .. and Ebony the dog... had an evening of tea, cake and chat....OK ....gossip!! It was great xx

To-day I made this cushion..

You may remember I made one like this with the left over fabric from  my Ugly-Fabric challenge... it went to my work mate (Caroline) as her birthday cushion. It seem her mother has been trying to "acquire" it ever since!! So Caroline asked me to make one for mums birthday using blues and pinks xx It was fun and quick to do x

Good job really... because my brother has been again! Remember the pendants!! Groan!

This time he has brought me this..

To sew onto his blazer. AND these...

to replace the existing buttons!!

WHEN will I learn to say... NO .. instead of ... oh! go on! I'll give it a go!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx


mammafairy said...

sorry, you will never learn! It is so nice to be needed! even if it is for the sewing on of buttons.
Lovely cushion!

Shaz said...

That is a gorgeous cushion! Didn,t I tell you ther last time that your brother needs to learn how to sew?? Or maybe yiou need to learn how to say no??

Julie Fukuda said...

Great cushion! I was pleased at Scout camp that two of the youth staff came 'round asking me to coach them on sewing on their own patches. My kids all can sew and my son even has a "stash".