Monday, 29 October 2018


.. we in the UK put our clocks back .. which means that we have to accept that WINTER is on the way. JUST TO RUB IT IN .. I went out to the car this am and it was FROZEN due to the fact that the temperature was -2 degrees! Granted I was out early because I had to have mum at the hospital at the crack of dawn because she is having the first cataract removed.. she was SO GRUMPY.. as she said she doesn't get up until AFTER 8 am on a normal day!! As you can imagine I dropped her off .. AND RAN !! lol x

UPDATE; (just back from collecting her .. all went well x)

I have not gone any further with the quilt top I showed you last time .. Im thinking about it ! I did make a cot blanket for a little girl who was born 4 weeks early.. (she is doing well x)

At  Sandbach Quilt Group we were making a Christmas Tree decoration … and as the person (read idiot !) that suggested we have an alternative for those who have made it before/don't want to do a tree .. I got the job!! SO I was the alternative make in the corner!! Very simple decoration idea.. but seemed to go over well..

… they were quick to make too x

The INVICTUS games have been on so I needed a project to work on (and soak up the tears!) It turned into three..

I learned linen stitch for the yellow one … you may be able to see it on the "plain section". It was interesting and easy to do.

 NOW I am working on a red shawl to wear during November  (not quite poppy red .. but close) .. for this one I have learnt star stitch..

It will look better when it is blocked .. but you get the idea x

At Congleton Quilt Group we were given the fabric for this years challenge block..

… you may remember I "won" blocks last year that have become a table runner .. I WILL NOT be "winning" this year .. I will REFUSE!

The head gardener has been .. to keep grandma under control..

Hope you are all having a wonderful Autumn .. before winter gets here xx

Diane x


Ali Honey said...

Your shawls are fabulous. What a happy photo of the Head Gardener.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful photo of the head Gardner Diane!! What will she do in the winter? ? Good to hear your Mum was ok after her op, hope her vision is much improved. Watched the Invictus games here too, many tears happened!! Loved your UK man who,had a meltdown cased by the wonderful to see them supporting each other. Your shawls are beautiful. And Happy and Megan were very impressive. You have to learn to sit quietly in the corner, then you will not get things to teach, the decorations look fantastic. Nice fabric for the challenge.

Janice Smith said...

Your head gardener is absolutely precious :-)

Maria said...

Pleased all went well for Mum.
Sweet little baby quilt and your shawls are beautiful. Great work while watch the Invictus game. Aren't the fantastic. So many amazing folk.
Lovely ornaments and good luck with the challenge.
Good to see the head gardener is keeping you in check.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Love the quilt - have you backed it with fleece?

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