Monday, 25 June 2018


….. "crafting" this week has centred around my kitchen walls! I was having a clear-out and found 2 part tins of paint that I thought would work well together .. one a milky chocolate brown and the other a cream. I mixed them together and made a lovely creamy colour that made me happy ... and began  to paint!

NOW my poor arthritic shoulders know what I have been doing …. even though I went slowly and took the whole week for the project.... I am happy its DONE x ….AND the kitchen has had a good clean as I went along!! 

I knew there would not be enough for the whole kitchen (remember I live in a Victorian terrace and ..its BIG!!) … but I also had some white that I knew would work with it … I got a bit creative with the wall I started but couldn't finish...

.. its above a cupboard ..and I can live with it SO that is all that counts xx 

My black current bushes are LOVING the hot weather and EVERY morning this is what I am getting ..

SO tasty .. and I am sure my vitamin C levels are well up x

I will leave you with some colour from the garden as I go and find the gloss paint and … THINK about starting to paint the woodwork xx …. has cost me NO money ..just energy so far .. it is a bit like using up the stash!! 

Have a good week x

Diane x


Terry said...

Love the color and I had to laugh out loud about your comment of the paint sort of being like using up the stash! May your energy always stay with you when you want it!!

Maria said...

Nice colour you got from mixing the two tins together, sad it didn't do it all.
Blueberries look delicious..
Pretty flowers and plants in the garden

kiwikid said...

Lovely colours in your garden....just a different kind of stash isn't it! Lol!!I like your cloud shaped joining there...hope the energy stays with you to finish ok.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Kitchen looks great! Glad you found a way to change from one colour to another - no way you were going to mix more of the new colour!!