Friday, 5 August 2016


... I told you about my current shawls I THOUGHT I would be telling you that I had finished the lace one and had the other ready for my waiting time during the MANY appointments that my parents have next week....... WELL.. best laid plans and all that!

My mother had an allergic reaction to some medication she had been given!... so a spell at our local hospital was a REQUIREMENT as she looked like a cooked lobster ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... after antibiotics and antihistamines .. creams, ointments, and moisturisers ...... she NOW  looks like a pink reptile that is shedding!! She will kill me if she finds out I described her this way!! lol x

SO... there was not a lot of work done on the lace.. BUT I do have..

.. finished much faster than expected .. and ..I'm happy with the way it came out x  ALL I have to do now is find a new .. easy to do without thinking ....pattern for ALL the waiting time I have next week xx lol x 

Hope your plans go as expected this week x

Diane x


JoZart Quilts said...

Oh, Diane, I do hope your dear Mum is back to her usual self asap, she/you all must have been so worried.
Every cloud has a silver lining and your latest shawl is the silver lining for this trauma.
Best Wishes
Jo x

kiwikid said...

Your poor Mum, I hope she is less "lobsterish" by now!! Must have been a fright for her. Your shawl is beautiful..hope you find something for the up coming week of appointments.

Terry said...

I feel for your mom! How awful!!! Your shawl is beautiful. I'm awed with how quickly you make them!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

The shawl is fab, poor mum- hope she's better now xx