Tuesday, 23 August 2016


... team GB had their best Olympics EVER xx We won 67 medals overall with 27 of them being gold .... and we were second on the medals table xx WOW!!

My aim was to complete 3 shawls....... NUMBER 1 was soon done ..

I got carried away while watching the swimming x lol x

NUMBER 2 also flew off the needles..

.........they had all these exciting events going on!

NUMBER 3 was fun and I really enjoyed it..

... saved me biting my nails x , and I wanted to choose and use the next colour.

NUMBER 4 (!) I thought would be my bonus one ...

but they kept winning in the hockey and had me on the edge!! ... and the stripes just flew x

NUMBER 5... yes 5!! was a super fast project..

I was watching the closing ceremony as I finished x PHEW!! ... I think I need to award myself a GOLD medal xx

I have not touched my lace shawl for weeks ...  I have a sewing project cut out and ready to go ... OH! ....I need to get my brain back in gear xx

Mmmm I wonder what Santa will be loading onto his sleigh this year? lol x Off for a brew x

Diane x


Janet said...

Such production! But when you have so many exciting things to watch it does go by quickly.

kiwikid said...

Wow Diane, you sure have won the gold medal in shawl knitting!!! They are all beautiful!! Life will be a bit quiet now the Games are over!! The UK did really well!! Lots of grumbling here about how much was spent on getting the Oz team t the Olympics and how they didn't perform. NZ had their best evey Olympics too but nowhere near as many medals as you guys!! Mind you there aren't as many of us!! Lol!!

O meu pensamento viaja said...

Lovely! All them!

Ali Honey said...

I repeat what Kiwikid said. Your production of shawls is amazing.
Well done UK.
NZ is feeling proud of ours too.

Terry said...

Totally a gold medal for such productive and beautiful work!!!! My favorite is number 5!

JoZart Quilts said...

I'm sure you should have been in the Olympics..... 5 shawls definitely 5 well deserved Gold medals!!! Congratulations. You should make one in red, white and blue to hang in honour.
So pleased to hear your dear Mum is doing better. I've been out of blog action due to decorating and family visits.
Jo x

Chookyblue...... said...

Lovely shawls and the UK did very well....