Sunday, 18 October 2015


.... Dull Dark and Damp here in Cheshire ... HOWEVER .. it was also Do-Your-Own-Thing day organised by Congleton Quilt group.

As usual we had tea and biscuits .... BUT we also had 2 ladies with birthdays .. so lots of CAKE went round too x Wont find me complaining about that !lol x

I worked on Jo's swap blocks and the Zoo Animals wall hanging...
and my Brit Bee Swap blocks for October...

they will be in the Post on Monday x I am going to boast a bit now and say I like the BACK as much as the front..

lol x

You may remember I was NOT happy about the garter stitch on the last shawl I made ... (I MAY just have mentioned it!!) .... so I changed to DK weight and a stocking stitch body ...

...and I LOVE it x This is going as a Christmas present ... THIS..

is all I had left of the purple!! I was casting off REFUSING to look down and see how much was left lol x... I finished it in a bit of a sweat xx

To-day is FOUR years to the day that Sally and Blair left on their Australian adventure xx So we went out for dinner ... seemed right to me xx lol x Wont be long now before they land on British soil once more and I can get my hands on them .. and the new baby xx

Hope you are all having a great weekend x

Diane x


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Always a good day when there's a birthday! Love the colours of that shawl...just gorgeous! Bet there was a sweat while you were finishing off lol! Enjoy Sally when and Blair and Bub when they get back...FUN! Are they moving back?

JoZart Quilts said...

Lovely makes Diane! don't forget to include me if you do any challenge makes for Hope. I've been mad busy of late so haven't yet thought about our next swap but haven't forgotten so don't give up on me.
How wonderful that you will soon see Sally and Blair but the bonus of the baby is tremendous.
Jo x

Gisela said...

I hope you follow Alfie Boe on facebook, he takes the best photos of what he is eating in NY. Starbucks cannot spell Alfie correctly.

Sharyn Baldwin said...

Gorgeous shawl you have made there, the colours are lovely together.
Its fun when you finish up with only and inch or two of yarn left, isn't it!!

mammafairy said...

Love those blocks, and yes, the backs look great too! I am looking forward to their appearance in my mail! Thank you, Di!