Saturday, 14 March 2015


... the Quilters Guild Regional day.... in Cheshire we belong to Region 13 and our central meeting is held in Frodsham. You can look up The Guild ..  the Regions ... and the 2 speakers from today .. on the guild website ..  ... the journey takes about 45 - 50 mins and takes me through town ,country and  Delamere forest ...( ) on a day like today when it was cloudy and overcast and the trees are bare it always gives me the feeling I am driving through a Tolkien forest!! ... would make wonderful photos .. but I'm NOT stopping lol .. what if an Orc came after me!! He-He x

The speaker for the morning was Judith Dursley... a very funny and entertaining lady who makes miniature quilts x I do not want to make them .. but they were fun to see x

The afternoon speaker was Kathy Unwin ... an interesting speaker who makes big quilts xx Her quilts are mostly landscapes with shadow figures stencilled on ... Loved them .. but don't want to make them either xx lol x 

I waited until dinner time before I went to LOOK at the fabric xx I was stood next to a lady who pulled out some fabric...

mm... I thought quite nice THEN ... she opened it out..

....and I could feel my fingers twitching to grab it out of her hands and.....  RUN ........ lol x She DID put it down .. and as you guessed I picked it up!!....... I DID NOT run .. until AFTER I paid for it!! lol x I have a project in mind .. so watch this space x

Just after that a lovely lady stopped me and said .. "are you Diane who blogs as The Cheshire Quilter?".... found out again! lol x SO... everyone say HELLO to Sue Owens .. who is a member of The Quilters Guild .... and reads this blog xxxx

Josh decorated his cake yesterday..

and I have to tell you .. there is not much left xx

Have a wonderful week

Diane x


kiwikid said...

Sounds like you had a great day ...can't wait to see what you do with that fabric!! Lucky that lady put it down or I worry what might have happened to her!! Lol!! Great cake decorating!!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Good call on grabbing that fabric - I'm looking forward to seeing your plan!

Janet said...

Good thing I wasn't there or you wouldn't have had a chance to get that fabric! It is fantastic!! Love how your grandson decorated his cake. It looks yummy.

Maggi said...

Glad you managed to get that fabric. It's always interesting to see and hear about other's work, even if we don't want to do the same kind of thing. Very tasty looking cake.