Sunday, 29 March 2015


... this last week has just flown away ! Between my parents (avoiding some disasters .. but plunging into others! lol x) and having my grandson stay while his mum was in hospital there has been little or NO sewing done for days on end x... I can feel the withdrawal stress creeping up!

I have managed some knitting in the evenings .. before I slump over!! lol x .. but nothing finished as yet x

Actually ..... I DID manage one project .A friend of mine is a confirmed and contented NONE sewer .. she invites me to tea and requests I bring my sewing kit if anything needs doing xx .. suits me I love having my tea made and she is a good cook xx

SO.... to the amazement of EVERYONE she was given a sewing project for Christmas!!...

you can guess where this is going I'm sure!!

I have been putting off making it ... but then caved in as I thought it would be a QUICK project!!... oh my!

It is DONE...

but never again! There were little to NO instructions .. the ric-rac was supposed to go all round the wings .. but not enough was supplied... lining up the front back and facing was a nightmare ..the sparse instructions said .. do not over fill ..but there was barely enough stuffing to fill the head... I could go on .... BUT... I would rather forget the whole thing!

LOL x at least it is done .. and Sue loves it xx

Maybe THIS week I will manage a LITTLE  bit of happy sewing?

I have also got sooooo far behind with reading blogs I gave up and am starting at the top !

I DID manage to go out on Friday evening to meet up with a group of the girls I used to work with ... this is the pudding I had to eat ..

it was a struggle but I battled to the very end! Shame I could not lick the glass xx...  they were telling me about one of our former colleagues who retired last year and who has been reported as saying .....retirement is boring with long days filled with nothing!! She needs to come and spend some time with me xx

Diane x


kiwikid said...

Oh boy Diane I do not have any trouble filling my days!!! The owl looks wonderful, well done with that. I was given something similar but smaller and I am sad to say it went in the bin as it just didn't make sense, nothing fitted together...I wasn't good like you!! Hope you get lots of happy sewing this week.

Sharyn Baldwin said...

I love the owl that you managed to make! Fancy thinking that they have nothing to do when retired - they need to get a life!!:):) n Hope that everyone is well.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Your owl came out so good despite the fact that the kit wasn't too good. I hate when you don't get enough of what you need! Your pudding looks so good! I would have finished the whole thing too! Hope you're sewing again!!

Maggi said...

Well done for taming that owl. Thank goodness your friend had you around to put it together for her. I think it's very sad when some people have never developed any interests that they can follow in their retirement. Your former colleague must be very lonely

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh my that dessert looks pretty good! Good on you for doing your friend's project!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

You should complain to BHS, that kit wasn't fit for purpose! Such a shame your ex colleague isn't enjoying retirement - she could definitely learn from you!!!!