Thursday, 12 February 2015


... one of those posts where I do lots of catching up .. and showing pictures xx SO.. if you don't have too much to do .. this is the place to be for a while ...xx lol x

For Christmas a friend gave me an amaryllis bulb ... and the last couple of days have given me ...


it is just stunning x... AND in the garden it is slowly going from ..


hopefully there will be many more blooms in a couple of days xx... SRING is always there around the corner x

Remember Jo .. who I have passed on the swapping addiction to? She sent me this beautiful Valentine to start our swap  ..

many more to follow I am sure x She has joined in with the Sandbach challenge too... and with her 12 charm squares has made..

isn't that wonderful. It is the meeting to-night so it is going as inspiration for our ladies ... the challenge ends at the March meeting so they all have time yet to make their own stunning creations x

NOW... older readers will .. I AM SURE..remember the saga of .. BLAIRS BLOCKS .. for my younger readers .. here goes..

Sally .. my daughter lives in Australia with Blair ...HE has  moaned for ......YEARS that I made quilts for everyone BUT HIM!! In 2013 I was in a swap .. can you believe that!.. and asked for log cabin blocks ... I got enough for a top .. and a back! WELL... this last week I got it all  finished ... ALL HAND QUILTED xx.... (measures 81 ins square)


....NOW it so happened that AFTER I finished the top .. and the backing .. some more blocks came in .. so I made a few to go with them .... and he has a mini quilt .... ALL HAND QUILTED..


...THEN just when I thought it was all over with the piecing ... and I was safe ... .. 2 more blocks arrived!!.. I have had them in the bag with everything else .. and just had to do SOMETHING with them ... so he also has a cushion ... NOT QUILTED at all!!..


NO MORE PLEASE xx lol xx.... just let him moan now!!!!!!!

OH! and I made a cake ..

If anyone is still here xx WELL DONE XX..... sorry no cake left but I am sure you can find some ... its good for the soul you know x 

See you soon

Diane x



Catherine said...

Diane, your quilt (and mini) are amazing! Lucky Blair! (Cake looks good too:-)

Mad about Craft said...

The quilts are beautiful! He shouldn't complain now!

The cake looks yummy!

JoZquilts said...

What a lovely post and i'm glad to be a small part of it with our swaps. Blair's quilt is stunning and it's a good job you've called a halt to collecting the blocks as it will cost you an arm and a leg to get it all to Australia. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.
Mind you, you spoilt it all when you showed the cake after it was all scoffed.
Jo x

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

How lovely to see signs of spring - I can't even imagine!! The amaryllis is beautiful.

kiwikid said...

Blair will have to stop moaning now Diane....such beautiful quilts...the quilting must have taken are you going to get it all to OZ? The bag is great too...wonderful inspiration for the ladies.Enjoyed your post...never too long....cake looks amazing too.

kiwikid said...

The amaryllis looks wonderful as do the signs of spring.

Michele said...

Oh the flowers are so pretty. Yeah to you for getting his quilt and all the extras done.

loulee said...

The log cabin quilt looks amazing. Lucky man!!