Friday, 4 July 2014


... and then continue to say OOPS! about a block ... then you just KNOW it is time to re-evaluate.. or even better.. start again!!

Let me explain... we have some family friends visiting from Australia (Perth) .. and they are getting to us tomorrow (Saturday).. now gentle readers you know me ... ANY excuse for some cake! I needed a project that would be quick and not too demanding for while it was cooking and cooling .. SO I had a quick look at the Stash Bee Block for this month .. and off I went x

The cake cooked and had the sticky lemon syrup poured over it while it was HOT..

the smell was making my mouth run .. never mind water!! It cooled and the lemon butter icing was added..

While this was happening I made the block..

and while I was doing errands the block went off to the USA in the post xx All good x

THEN ...I came home and went to the blog page to let her know it is on its way ... that is when I started noticing and saying OOPS!! The block was to be improvised .. that's OK .. it was to be the colours of the rainbow .. that's OK ..but ...OOPS! She only wanted 6 colours NOT 7 .. no indigo to be added! THEN she wanted the colours in order ..OOPS! 

SO... back to the drawing board and a new block ... with NO OOPS! .. email has been sent to explain and the new block will go in the post in the morning . The rebellious (OK sulky!!) teenager that still resides in me feels that the first block was better xx lol xx ... but its not about what I want xx

SO .. to many OOPS! means .. you should READ the instructions properly in the first place !! Going to eat that cake tomorrow and bet I don't say OOPS! once xx

Diane x


Sharyn Baldwin said...

I liked the first b lock better also! I'm sure the partner will be pleased with them.

Lorraine said...

The cake looks scrummy and so do the blocks!! BOTH of them! Hope she likes them and if she doesn't then she shouldn't be doing swaps. If its any consolation I sent off a swap recently that was not even FINISHED! Hopefully my partner won't notice!!! Who am i kidding here. Better eat cake!

kiwikid said...

Both blocks look wonderful as does the cake! Hope your visitors appreciated it! Hey what would a teenager know about blocks anyway???

quiltmania said...

Any excuse for cake. I love your attitude.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Ooops! But the cake looks fab! There are really only six colours in the rainbow, the same as in a colour wheel: three primaries, three secondary colours: the church (hundreds if years ago) apparently felt that six was close to the number if the devil, so added the other purple to make it to seven!

Maggi said...

I like the first block better too, but not as much as that cake!