Sunday, 13 January 2013


... has been done today...... oh no! WHY!?

Well .. today we have been eating CAKE..

It is my dads birthday, he is 83 today..

Looks like he has had a bit too much cake !

Need a bit of a snooze myself xx lol xx

keep smiling

Diane x


Vivian said...

Happy Birthday Diane's Daddy!!!!!!

quiltmania said...

Mmmmm, cake! Hope you enjoyed the day with your Dad!

Podunkpretties said...

Oh my what a cake! All that chocolate would make me tired too! Give dad big ole birthday hug from Indiana, USA!

Shaz said...

Happy Birthday to Pop!!
Diane, can you tell me how you got your pictures back onto your blog? I have the same problem now - just when I'm coming back from my extended time out!!