Saturday, 15 April 2017


... ladies who goes to Congleton Quilt group does a lot of charity knitting and sewing. She was given this kit... make up and add to her collection of gifts, however, she does not like to knit toys .. so guess who was "encouraged" to take it away and make it up?... mm I don't know how this happens to me! lol x

SO.. now we have Milly..

I added a couple of bows and improvised with some details (as I do !) x Hopefully some child will have fun playing with her.

It was quick and easy to knit .. and for me not a problem... however .. the pack states it has everything needed to make this toy..NO IT DOESNT. There was a small length of black wool .. just enough to make one eye ring! .. and that was it ..  I have plenty of black scraps .. so no problem. There was enough stuffing to do the arms and legs .. no more. Again I have stuffing no problem .It is just a shame that a child or a someone just starting out may buy/be given this and be put off through the lack of supplies. There is PLENTY of wool to make the body ... possibly even to make 2 toys if the colours are reversed x.... OK... moan over x

This morning I have finished 2 simple cushion covers .. they will go in the post next week some time x

The colour from the garden this morning is ...

.. I LOVE that lime green/pink combination that, to me, is such a sign of Spring.

Have a good day x



kiwikid said...

Milly Meerkat is very cute!! Well done. I am not surprised the kit came to you...I remember lots of animals being created at your house!! It is a shame with those packs I have found that before, that there were not enough supplies. The cushion covers are lovely too, tood sign that you are getting a little sewing/crafting time once again. Lovelt plant you have growing.

Terry said...

Millie is CUTE! I agree with you about kits not having all the supplies and what a turn off it would be for a newbie. I wonder if the kit packers missed a station or if the packers miss counted the supplies. I'm thinking those are astilbe leaves. I think those are such lovely plants!