Sunday, 15 January 2017

I AM ..

.. hoping that 2017 has been kind to you so far.

We had our first and hopefully LAST snowfall of this winter..

.. it came overnight and was gone by ish xx Thank goodness .. I'm NOT a fan xx lol x

The 2 quilting groups I belong to have re-started, Congleton Tuesday and Sandbach Thursday of this last week. It was lovely to catch up and share the Christmas and New Year stories with all the ladies xx

At Sandbach our charity for 2017 is the Christie Hospital ( ) .. one of the ways we are going to support them this year is by making bags hold drainage bags ... they need to have concealed or French seams so that there are no ragged edges for "bugs etc. " to collect in!!

I am going to (hopefully !!) make one per week ...first one is made.. all I have to do is keep up xx I am DETERMINED that I will use up stash this year and this will be a good way to work towards this x

I have a new shawl ..

....again a long skinny ones to wrap around multiple times xx I have had this gradient wool for a while ... again using up stash x LOVE the way it knit up .

....the 2 youngest grandchildren have new hats ..

.....see! Using up stash xx Happy Dance x

My oldest grandson..

....informed me that ....IF... I wanted to go to see a film...

.....he was happy to go with me!!... good of him lol x We had a great time and VERY much enjoyed it xx

My dad had a birthday this last week...

...he is 87 now (NO idea why he has closed his eyes xx lol )x OF COURSE we had cake ...

.. none left now lol xx This young lady had her first taste of cake..

....and VERY much enjoyed it xx

Hope you are all well xx

Diane x


kiwikid said...

That is a wonderful idea to be making the drainage bags Diane..I am sure you can do one a week...that purple shawl is beautiful, love the colours in it. Great little beanies too. Happy belated birthday to your Dad..looks like he blinked at the wrong time!! Amazing looking cake...good to see your parents enjoying life.

Terry said...

Drainage bags would be a great project to make a dent in your stash! Of course, you could crank out four bags and then use the rest of the month to dabble in other projects! Your purple shawl is beautiful! Happy Birthday to your dad!

JoZart Quilts said...

Still time to wish you and your's a Happy and healthy 21017.
Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. Great cake and I'm sure you all made a fuss of him.
Our group makes the syringe driver bags for MacMillan nurses to give to their patients and we were told that they cost £10 each when the need to buy some as stocks run down!! They are always gratefully received.
Love your latest shawl, it is so beautifully fine.
I am just , at last, getting back to sewing after a chest infection/ virus. Never been so ill for years and I have missed making so much.
Jo x

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane lots happening with you,what a lovely idea to do a bag a week.
Wow I love your shawl and the grandies new hats,happy birthday to your dad,lovely pics Diane.