Sunday, 16 August 2015


... been sewing with this..

fabric this week. HOWEVER you are NOT going to see the result (yet) as it is a SECRETE xx

You may remember that I am aiming to reduce the number of swaps I am doing this year? Weellll .. I am  ...BUT ...the Christmas ones are such good fun .... and they are only for ONE month .....and you have lots of time to make ... and ..

WELL know me xx lol x

I will show you the VERY small amount of wool I had left..

....after making the latest baby jumper .. ( I was knitting faster as it was running out .. as we all know it makes it last longer when you do that!!.. just like sewing faster as your thread is running  out!!!!!!!!!!!!)


....having used this basic pattern a couple of times I was able to add in some lighter blue to make the darker go a (little) bit further .... AND I finished the knitting on my dads Christmas cardigan..


....since his stroke he has reduced /or no sensation in his fingers (depends on the sort of day he is having ) so I am going to put a zip in .. as it is easier than buttons x All the pieces have to be SEWN to-gether .. so it is sewing related xx lol x

Hope you have had a good week too x

Diane x


Terry said...

Always enjoyed reading your posts. I look forward to the "secret" reveal later!

Gina Smith said...

Great cardigan. Wool crafts such as knitting and crochet have eluded me no matter how hard I try.'
I've cut down on swaps too. I've 4 left for the end of the year and then that's it. I haven't signed up for any of the Christmas/halloween swaps on Instagram either. I'm trying to be good

Vireya said...

So it is not just me who knits faster so I can get to the end before the wool runs out!

loulee said...

I can relate to the knitting/sewing faster comment! LOL

Lorraine said...

Oooh can't wait to see what you've got into now. Yes of course knitting faster helps - I do it all the time. Lx

kiwikid said...

Ha ha!! I knit faster too, but then have to stop as I remember I need wool to caste off!!!! Lol!! Lovely baby jumper. Your Dad's cardy looks great...the zip is a good idea for him. Interesting fabric...looking forward to the reveal!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

I'm sure that sewing / knitting faster theory is quite correct! Loveky knits though x