Monday, 18 May 2015


.... ah! How I remember that song!! lol x But I digress!

.....YESTERDAY was the trip to Quilts UK at the 3 Counties show ground at the base of the BEAUTIFUL Malvern hills x I know I say it every year but .......AH! I LOVE this show xxx

I had dinner sitting looking at the hills...

...some sun .. bit of a cool breeze .. but a beautiful spot .. its amazing the people you get to sit and talk to.. I spent my dinner break with 2 Welsh ladies x They had also come on a coach trip ... and we found plenty in common to talk and laugh about x

I DID NOT make a list .. so could not leave it at home or feel guilty for not sticking to it xx lol x...  AND a few items DID manage to jump and skip into my bag ...


I have plans for all of theses x

AS USUAL I saw lots of quilts I liked ... some I loved ... and others .. WELL lets just say .. were not for me xx

 I .. AS USUAL saw many quilts OTHER THAN the one chosen as overall winner that I much preferred .. but then Im not a judge xx

One of my favourites was this one ..


pictures don't do it justice .. it was stunning (to me anyway x). It was titled   fireworks .. and there were LOTS of beads and sequins worked into the top. I will sort out my pictures and post more in the next couple of days xx

Hope you all had some fun over the weekend to xx

Diane x


mammafairy said...

oooh! Looking forward to seeing some more pictures!

Lorraine said...

Hi Diane, I was therE too but on Saturday, and i know just what you mean! Nothing jumped out at me iether. I did take some pics and will hopefully post them SOON! perhaps next year we could co-ordinate and meet up?

kiwikid said...

Oh I like those cheeky fabrics that jumped and skipped into your bag!! And the templates...looking forward to your creations with them. Love the fireworks clever is that!! Is interesting the quilts that win and the quilts that appeal to you...much the same happens here. Lol!!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

It would have been very rude not to buy fabrics! Love the fireworks!!!