Friday, 27 December 2013


..... a good one x We had another wonderful dinner yesterday with Adam.. the kitchen ..where he excelled himself this year...even though he forgot to do the stuffing!! And the rest of the family (despite some of the faces we had fun xx lol )..


Then in the evening OFF we went to THE PANTO..

Peter Pan this year xx Such a great show .. sides and face ached from laughing xx

This morning the wind and rain are BACK with a vengeance!! The wind was blowing me and the boys along this morning ..SO off to the kitchen I go ..!!

FIRST the savouries..

THEN the sweet..

My freezer will be full .. to say nothing of ME!!! LOL xxx

Stay warm and safe where ever you are x

Diane x


Maggi said...

And your Christmas continues to be enjoyed. Might have to put an order in with you for my freezer :)

Shaz said...

Nice to see everyone still enjoying the season! Your pies, as usual, look delicious!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Mmmmmmm all looks yummy! Although Adam needs to cook another roast just to prove he doesn't always forget the stuffing!