Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Caroline at posted about the ..Pay-It-Forward .. idea .. and you know me! I joined in!

SO.. now as I understand it , she makes a small pressy for me .. in the next 12 months .. a nice surprise when it arrives .. as with my memory I will have forgotten about it! AND IN RETURN.. I make a pressy for 3 of my followers who want to join in,....... that's if there are 3 of you out there who want to join and get a pressy from me!

I PROMISE to write it down and not forget!! After all I have 12 months to remember in!! lol x

If you want to join in .. send a comment and I will get back to you xx

Keep smiling

Diane x


DaisyChain said...

Well, I fancy a do at that - sign me up?

DaisyChain said...


Shaz said...

Is this like the one that I did a few years ago and if I join in with you, then I need to get more to join in with me?

I guess that will be fun - I am interested!

Lorraine said...

Hi There Dianne,
I have been doing some swaps this year (great fun!) but I have not done anything like this, Soo I am intrigued and would be interested to join in. Do we really get a year to 'pay it forward'? can you send me a bit more info pleeeze!