Wednesday, 8 May 2013


.. a lovely sunny day here in Cheshire xx We started the day in Hobby Craft.... I was dragged in by my mother... honestly!! She wanted some Arron wool... and it was on offer... this stencil set ..

jumped into my hands, they will be great for quilting on a child's quilt, or for applique xx

Then, we went to a local garden centre... only bought compost this time xx Can get the pots and baskets ready though x Mum bought plants as well... she has planted them already as well xx Lovely cup of tea and toasted tea cake went down very nicely xx

THEN ... I taught my Celtic session x I had a wonderful time x I had been warned that they can be a tough lot and may not all want to join in ... however they ALL joined in and had a go ...I was SO happy x At the end I was given these...

they are sat on my kitchen window sill xx ALSO, this morning the lady who runs the class rang and asked if I would like to go back later in the year as the ladies had reported they were happy with me and the session xx YA xx

Last night was quilt group in Congleton, it was exhibition planning night ... so lots of hot air!! We have made a couple of  raffle quilts ... this one ..

with maple leaf blocks .. it has been long arm quilted and is single bed size x

The group was given a HUGE bag of hexagons ... all made by one person, when she died her sister donated them to us . We all took turns sewing them together .... seemed like for MONTHS .. this a double bed size..

we have another one (single bed size) that is being quilted at the moment ... there were just a few hexagons left and it was suggested that "someone" be found who would put them together as a gift to the lady who donated them... Guess who was "talked into " doing it ...

oh well! ... I can make ANYHING I want to xx Thinking cap on x

In a couple of weeks we are off to The British Quilt Championship in Malvern...

I have my ticket to get in and...... somehow ....I have been landed the job of making sure all those on the list for the Sandbach pickup are there!! HOW on earth do I get myself into these things xx

Lastly the Christmas Block-Of-The-Month was launched ... and I got some fabric ... that was on offer for the sky..

just need a couple more hours in my day.. any one got a couple to spare?

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Julie Fukuda said...

Gee, I hope my classes will go as well.
Yes, you do need some more days in the week/month/year to get everything done!

Amanda said...

I think your idea of using the stencil for quilting ideas is brilliant, it will be interesting to see if it works out. I wanted to go to Malvern, as I've never been, but yet again we'll be on holiday. I'm hoping to go the Festival of Quilts in August though.

Ola said...

I love tulips, in fact they are my favourite flowers. Always put me in a good mood and make me smile. One day when I get my own house I'm going to have lots planted all over the grounds.

Maggi said...

Lovely tulips. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the class, although why wouldn't they. What day are you going to Malvern? SPQ usually go on the Thursday but the trip is on Saturday this year which I suspect will be busier.